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I am a recent graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology and a lover of all things imaging.


I initially became interested in photography my senior year of high school. So when I applied to the Rochester Institute of Technology for college, it was with the intention of joining a major that could lead me to involvement with the development of imaging systems. With this in mind, I began my college career in the computer engineering major, where I developed skills in basic circuitry and programming in the Python language. After a year in the computer engineering department, I discovered my current major, Imaging and Photographic Technology. Once I realized that my school had an entire major focused on all things imaging related, I promptly made the switch in degree programs.


As an Imaging and Photographic Technology student at Rochester Institute of Technology, I have developed a wide range of technical skills including a thorough understanding of scientific imaging practices and procedures, image resolution and quality assessment, color measurement and analysis, knowledge of the imaging pipeline, and the ability to program in IDL and Python.


While attending RIT I have taken on the leadership positions of president of the RIT Archery Club, head safety officer of that club, and the project manager of the mechanical archer project. While in these leadership positions I have increased the membership of the archery club by 100% and organized the showing of the mechanical archer at the Imagine RIT innovation fair. There have also been zero injuries since I have been head of range safety.